About us

Hackerwares started 5 years ago as an effort to bring creativity and innovation in electronics and hardware education. From November 2019, it transformed into a private limited structure with a legal entity name as Hackerware Solutions (OPC) Private Limited.

Hackerwares's expertise includes artistically designed printed circuit boards, in-house manufacturing, assembly of components as well as our impeccable logistics. We're renowned for our turn-key solutions. Hackerwares is the creator of a popular hardware soldering kit named BugZee.

With a presence across 8 countries, we're a leader in designing and manufacturing electronic badges used in Information Security conferences worldwide. We've shown presence in world-renowned security conferences including DEF CON, Black Hat, Rootcon, Code Blue, Nullcon, BSides Singapore, BSides Ahmedabad, Russian IT Synergy, Avtokyo and more.

For our design, we've won various accolades including the Hackster's Badge Of Hope award.