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Why we do what we do

We push forward the hacker mindset. In making things and then breaking them too. Opening them up to look inside and then screw it up with something else. The hardware we design encourages users to experiment with it and do something cool - beyond what's formerly intended. Because we believe the best way to learn something is to curiously experiment with it and make your own piece of creativity.


Here's how we do it


Hacking badges are custom designed hardware for hacking conferences and they hold variety of fun hacking challenges.


Villages are on-site workshops where we teach and engage audience in solving challenges.


CTF or 'Capture The Flag' are competition events where we setup a bunch of tricky hacking challenges for everyone to solve and win prizes.

Order our kits!

Now anyone can order our kits and learn things at own pace.

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works

Pirates Of The Singapore Bay

Cryptography puzzle and Rubber Ducky in the form of Jack Sparrow and Barbossa. Experiment with your automated keystroke scripts.

A very artistic badge that comes with a cryptography puzzle. Coupled with LEDs and a miniature version of Arduino based board that can be used for small electronic circuits or be turned into rubber ducky applications that can send automated keystrokes to the system.


Electronic rendition of bee for soldering

Very fun way to learn soldering skills. Made entirely out of electronic components, this bee when soldered, moves around and glows wings in the dark.

Sacred Hacks

Inspired from the famous web series with a cryptography puzzle.

Incorporating ciphers in the design, Sacred Hacks combined art, memes and cryptography.

The Skynet

A Terminator inspiration for Rootcon 2019.

Designed to teach automated keystrokes and Arduino programming.

No Drink, No Hack

Soldering gets fun at AVTokyo.

Fully translucent badge made for AVTokyo soldering village commemorating its vibrant culture and traditions.

The TCP Packet

The TCP Packet comes alive in a hardware with bunch of LEDs and an Internet Explorer mode (slows down the LEDs)

Designed to teach the working of TCP packet and Embedded-C programming. Atmega pins allow users to re-program the badge. Also comes with a special access LEDs - for authentication purpose.

Happy Halloween

Halloween badge for Code Blue Conference in Tokyo.

Designed for a soldering village, this badge made it to a lot of halloween celebrations.

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